Through our investments in digital innovation, we are evolving into the marketing frontiers company – the partner of choice for global businesses seeking to transform digital consumer experiences to fuel business outcomes. View a showcase of impactful technology work from our agencies and product teams in artificial intelligence and immersive experiences, including award-winning client projects for Google, Tipico, La-Z-Boy, Bomb Pop and the Cleveland Cavaliers 

Evolving for the 

Frontiers of Modern Marketing

Artificial intelligence represents a quantum leap for creativity and productivity. Immersive technologies deliver new ways of engaging consumers. Wherever you look, technology is remaking the consumer experience. Hear from Stagwell Chairman and CEO Mark Penn about how Stagwell is evolving to shape that experience.

Transformative Work

Harnessing AI and Succeeding on a Mission to Win Ohio

Tipico engaged Code and Theory to lead Bet Like You’re From Ohio, an integrated campaign to capitalize on the moment sports betting would be legalized in Ohio and bring Tipico to market. The agency utilized ChatGPT for persona development and leveraged real-time data to inspire everything it did, including creating hyperlocal messaging that helped Tipico meet 57% of its annual registration target in one month.

Turning Spectators into Active Participants with the Cleveland Cavaliers

Next-gen fan engagement platform ARound partnered with its first NBA team to bring Cavs ARcade to Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse. Fans were able to digitally interact with the basketball court and fellow fans in the FieldHouse, and witness real-time effects on the Cavs’ video screen through mass multi-user gaming, 3D player personalities and more. Spectators at each game averaged 14 minutes of engagement per experience.

Embracing Comfort Unapologetically with First-Ever AI Powered La-Z-Boy Decliner

To reinforce La-Z-Boy’s new platform, Long Live the Lazy, Colle McVoy’s creative technology team designed and fabricated “The Decliner,” a first-of-its-kind recliner allowing owners to generate with AI a cancellation excuse via SMS simply by pulling the handle. Over 36,000 people signed up for a chance to win their own Decliner just in time for National Lazy Day as part of the earned creative brand act. 

Legacy Brand, Meet Next-Gen Commerce: Bomb Pop Takes Roblox

Bomb Pop is the most popular ice pop that needed a bigger brand. GALE’s mission was simple: get tweens to remember the brand’s name. The team brought the favorite summertime snack into the virtual world of Restaurant Tycoon 2 in Roblox. Roblox restaurant owners could serve eight virtual Bomb Pop flavors to their customers. Gamers served 48.5 million Bomb Pops — making it the #1 selling food item in Roblox history.

Playfully Navigating the Google Booth at CES

Google set out to create a 360° event-scale augmented reality (AR) experience at CES that would help attendees experience its presence in a whole new dimension. Google partnered with Left Field Labs to blend its physical booth location with a digital overlay, focused on bringing helpful and contextual information to attendees, as well as delightful moments. The experience was activated nearly 9,000 times during the four-day event.

The Three Es

of AI 

To eliminate the AI noise, every company should embrace the Three Es of AIengagement with consumers, efficiency in marketing, and enablement across operationswhich promise to drive more speed, more scale, and more accuracy for modern brands.

How Our Agencies Implement Frontier Tech

It takes a culture of innovation and experimentation to maximize the promise of emerging technology. Explore some of the ways Stagwell’s agencies have implemented AI into their own organizations, driving speed and value for their client partners. 

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