If we asked you who the most famous CEO in America is, who would come to mind? What about the most popular brand? While these feel like simple conversation starters, being “top of mind” for consumers, shareholders, or other stakeholders can translate into incredible value in a crowded marketplace of brands clamoring for attention and profit. In other words – the reputation your brand earns can be crucial to long term success.  

But what comprises corporate and executive reputation is fast changing. Consecutive geopolitical, social and economic crises underscore the importance of brand leadership in dictating how stakeholders relate to and judge your business.  And our data shows an almost direct correlation between reputation and business results; per our 2021 research, half of consumers will change their purchasing habits depending on the reputation of a brand’s CEO.  

The Axios-Harris 100

Reputation Quotient 2022


While you can build a brand, you earn a reputation. Companies with strong reputations have a price advantage, a competitive advantage and a talent advantage. That’s why reputation needs to be a priority from the board room to the C-suite.”

Ray Day

Vice Chair, Stagwell

Trader Joe’s, HEB Grocery, Patagonia, Hershey, Wegmans Top Axios-Harris Poll 100 With the Best Reputations [Press Release]

Axios Harris Poll 100: Friendly brands poisoned by politics By Sara Fischer

Explore The Axios-Harris 100 [Interactive Infographic]

Doctor wearing a VR headset.

Our POV on Reputation

Tending to your corporate and executive reputation has never been more important to navigating the opportunities and risks in today’s connected digital economy.

Mark Penn

Chairman & CEO

Reputation: Why it matters

Today, corporate reputation means more than mastery of the marketplace. Reputation is a measure of what all stakeholders – including consumers, employees, shareholders, and more – think about a company. Read our primer on the state of Corporate Reputation today.  

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Scaling Reputation for Global Operations

When brands scale worldwide, navigating reputation undoubtedly becomes more complex. Allison+Partners’ head of Global Risk, Reputation + Public Affairs counsels nascent global players on how to curate corporate reputation to support ambitious growth.

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About Stagwell’s annual Reputation Quotient study

The Axios Harris Poll 100 is an annual ranking of the most visible companies in America. Dive into the methodology of Stagwell’s core reputation research – and look out for the Reputation Quotient 2022 in late May.  

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Hitting the Mark: Brand Leadership During the Russia-Ukraine Conflict  

“Brand leaders, did you ever think you’d be enlisted into a war?” Stagwell Chairman and CEO Mark Penn offers strategies for business leadership during the Russia-Ukraine conflict and addresses the unprecedented consensus from voters and consumers on brand withdrawal from Russia.  

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