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Playfully Navigating the Google Booth at CES 


Left Field Labs is a digital agency dedicated to solving our common challenges through uncommon creativity. Our team of over 100 designers, developers, and strategists has launched hundreds of digital products and experiences – from VR and websites to apps and experiential installations – for clients, such as Google, Discovery, Android, Estée Lauder, Uber, and Disney.  

Frontiers in Focus

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Google set out to create a 360° event-scale augmented reality (AR) experience at CES that would help attendees experience its presence in a whole new dimension. Google partnered with Left Field Labs to blend its physical booth location with a digital overlay, focused on bringing helpful and contextual information to attendees, as well as delightful moments.  

Our Approach to Transformation

LFL leveraged Google’s latest AR technologies in partnership with Adobe to inspire developers, creators, and brands at Google’s CES booth. The team aimed to demonstrate how AR has the potential to solve everyday challenges, whether orienting yourself around a busy environment, getting the scoop on more demos to see, finding transportation, or helping with decision making. 

First, LFL used Google’s Geospatial Creator, powered by ARCore and Google Maps Platform, in Adobe Aero to create an effective storyboard that integrated physical and digital elements seamlessly for the AR experience. LFL then built Google’s beloved Android Bot into the AR experience as a guiding figure with simple yet richly expressive interactions. Taking an agile approach, LFL iterated and tested on a wide range of Android and iOS mobile devices to ensure smooth performance for attendees.  

Our Impact

The AR guide to Google on Android at CES 2024 was a successful “show rather than tell” experience that helped attendees enjoy the space with immersive surprises along the way. The experience was activated nearly 9,000 times over the four-day event.  

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