NFTs – fad or the future of marketing? At the intersection of art, luxury, crypto and culture, they are providing unique value for brands seeking new digital strategies for brand building and incentivizing consumer behavior.

We think NFTs are too important an opportunity to take a pass on – not to chase a fad, but because they are foundational to the emerging dimension of consumer experiences in Web3. And the numbers speak volumes about the potential in NFTs: half (47%) of consumers familiar with the assets are interested in brands offering them as a commercial product.

Below, Stagwell’s experts explore the strategies and themes emerging in the NFT space.


Doctor wearing a VR headset.

Our POV on NFTs

In a pioneering step forward to use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for social good, YML, a digital innovation agency, just announced the launch of an NFT collection called FIREWATCH that aims to promote education, awareness, and preventative behavior to address the expansion of forest fires and environmental degradation in California.”



New research from The Harris Poll identifies strategies for marketers to increase revenue and awareness through the use of NFTs, including using them as a part of incentive structuring, luxury indicators and urgency drivers.

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what does psychology tell us about nfts

The rise of NFTs is an opportunity for brands – and social scientists. Matthew Hellon, Senior Research Executive at Northstar Research, explores how three core concepts in psych – scarcity, social proof and signaling – play out in the story of NFT adoption.

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the long-term brand value of nfts

While technology tools come and go, marketing and technology experts agree that there is sustained value in investment in NFT strategy for brands. Hear from Stagwell CEO Mark Penn on how brands are supercharging their customer programs with this new technology

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case study | budweiser: the nft first mover advantage

As AOR for Budweiser, Allison+Partners supported the brand’s entry into the metaverse with the launch of the Budverse Heritage Collection, the brand’s first-ever NFTs and first foray into the world of unique digital assets on the blockchain.

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