Mark Penn

Chairman & CEO, Stagwell

 – Digital Marketing Expert

 – Former Microsoft Chief Strategist

 – Presidential Pollster & Strategist 

 – NYTimes Best-Selling Author

 – Columnist & TV/Digital Pundit



  • FROM $0 to $2.7B Launched Stagwell in 2015 and grew it to $2.7B in seven years; took Stagwell public in 2021, achieving faster growth than legacy holdcos
  • LEADING TECH EXEC Rose to Microsoft’s EVP & chief strategy officer running $2b advertising budget, 2012-15
  • C-SUITE INNOVATOR advising key corporate clients including AT&T, Microsoft, Ford, Merck, etc.
  • GLOBAL PR STRATEGIST Tripled profits as CEO of Burson Marsteller, a global PR and public affairs firm, 2006-12
  • FATHER OF MODERN POLLING Founded Penn and Schoen in 1975 and devised key overnight polling methods
  • AUTHOR & TREND SPOTTER Wrote NYT Bestselling “Microtrends” and “Microtrends Squared” identifying trends shaping business, politics and culture

Point of View

Mark Penn has extensive experience in a range of industries, ranging from market research and political polling to big tech and corporate leadership. He continues to be active in conversations around cutting edge issues related to marketing, consumers, technology and politics, and is available for conversation on the following:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Brands & Politics
  • AI, AR & Tech Innovation
  • Consumer Data Privacy
  • Political Economy
01 01
The Future of Marketing
Every Company Is a Digital Marketing Company
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AI for B2B
AI Is the Next Quantum Leap for Marketing, But Only If Humans Steer It
Person in space
Corporate Crises — and Reputational Recovery — Have Changed
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How Brands Should Navigate Politically Divisive Issues
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The Hidden Forces Shaping the Consumer of Tomorrow
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Consumer Data Privacy
The Bargain of Digital Data for Consumers
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Political Economy
Marketing Lessons from the Recession that Never Came
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Big Business Trends
How Big Business Has Shifted Politically
Slide image
The Promise of Augmented Reality
How to Create Compelling AR Experiences for Consumers
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The OutsiderBrands

Mark Penn on building Stagwell, his political and polling background and doing what it takes to make his gamble a success

By Brian Bonilla, originally published in AdAge

Brian Bonilla takes an extensive look at how the outsider status Mark Penn, Chair and CEO of Stagwell, is bringing a new, fresh and distruptive perspective to a stagnant industry with a combination of polling prowess and a respect for the power of creativity.

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