The Creator Economy


The Creator Economy is here.

Influencer marketing budgets are swelling, platforms are doubling down on creator funds and central support, and lucrative partnership opportunities are giving rise to a new economic class of professional creators. Consumers are on the hunt for more authentic connections with the brands that serve them, and creators offer vibrant, people-forward ways to reach new and old segments alike.

With the rise of the Creator Economy comes new priorities: managing brand safety and content controls, ensuring equitable influencer representation, and scaling influencer integrations across global marketing organizations.


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Our POV on NFTs

The rise of livestreaming and social commerce will power the creator economy. Brands should expand the universe of influencers they partner with and tap strong expertise in influencer agencies to get the most out of today’s complex landscape”

Mark Penn

Chairman & CEO

THE Creator Economy & Influencer Marketing Agencies

Influencer marketing looks different than it did ten years ago, or even five. New platforms, new playbooks, and new toolkits exist to steer end-to-end influencer marketing management, and native in-app tools are on the rise. Amid all this, what is the role of an Influencer PR or Influencer Marketing Agency? Veritas – the agency known for “influencing the influencers” explores the evolution of the discipline and the key role agencies play today.

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Social Selling 101: When Community Converts

Social commerce promises to make the path to purchase for today’s consumers more seamless than ever before. As platforms like TikTok and Instagram double-down on in-app shopping, what strategies should brands use to get the most out of this growing space? MMI Agency tackles the nuts and bolts of good social commerce strategy, with an eye towards those organizations in the “experiment” phase of deep influencer marketing integrations.

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Celebrity Drives Awareness, Nano-Influence Drives Commerce

Should you partner with an A List celebrity of an influencer with 50,000 followers? A decade ago, celebrities were the main drivers of influence marketing, but nano-influencers are proving the driver of one-to-one consumer conversion in today’s social-first landscape. Koalifyied explores how TikTok has democratized influence, paving the way for niche creators and communities to help drive brand results.

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