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Legacy Brand, Meet Next-Gen Commerce: Bomb Pop Takes Roblox


GALE is a Business Agency. Founded in 2014, the agency currently has offices in New York, Singapore, Toronto, Denver, Los Angeles, London, Austin, Kansas City, and Bengaluru. GALE has received top industry awards including Ad Age’s A-List, Ad Age’s Data & Analytics Agency of the Year, Adweek’s Fastest Growing Agency, the Grand Effie and Adweek’s Breakthrough Media Agency of the Year. 

Frontiers in Focus

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Bomb Pop is the most popular ice pop that nobody can remember. GALE’s mission was simple: get tweens to remember the brand’s name. The team brought the favorite summertime snack into the virtual world of Restaurant Tycoon 2 in Roblox, where Roblox restaurant owners could serve eight virtual Bomb Pop flavors to their customers. Gamers served 48.5 million Bomb Pops — making it the #1 selling food item in Roblox history. 

Our Approach to Transformation

Introducing the Bomb Pop Update in Restaurant Tycoon 2. For two weeks, Roblox restaurant owners could serve virtual bomb pops to their hungry customers and earn limited edition gear to upgrade their restaurants – turning Restaurant Tycoon into a red, white, and blue bonanza, and making restaurant owners within the platform our very own virtual brand ambassadors, interior designers, and architects. In the process, using our limited-edition items, players completely transformed the restaurants into gaming lounges, family style buffets, and even high-end beach clubs with an average of 28 minutes engaged across the experience.  

Our Impact

Time spent was 133% beyond Roblox branded experience benchmarks. We also had over 500,000 unique users enlist as virtual bomb pop distributors who sold over 48.5 million bomb pops, making it the most sold food item in Roblox ever. Even more significantly, sales in the real world were also up with an immediate 28.6% increase. We proved that the virtual world can spur epic real world business results.

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