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WHAT THE DATA SAY: 1 in 3 workers say they have a toxic boss; half have nightmares about it

By: Ray Day


Ray Day

We wanted to share our latest consumer and business insights, based on research from Stagwell. Among the highlights of our weekly consumer sentiment tracking:


As more hybrid and remote workers return to the office, the toxic boss of the Zoom screen is now appearing in real life, according to our Harris Poll research.

  • 71% of workers have had a toxic boss at one point in their careers.
  • 31% are currently working with one – dealing with such behaviors as unprofessionalism, credit-stealing and unreasonable expectations.
  • 71% of workers say they have anxiety on weekends about returning to work on Monday.
  • 53% say they have nightmares about their toxic boss.
  • 41% have sought therapy because of a toxic boss.
  • 68% of those with a toxic boss have heard the phrase “What I say is final because I am the boss.”
  • 66% say they have heard “You’re lucky to have a job in today’s economy.”
  • 66% of people with a toxic boss say they’re actively job-hunting – yet most (72%) have to stay in their job for financial reasons, and 65% cannot quit because they would lose their benefits.



Upskilling is now more important than a college degree for many workers, according to our Harris Poll survey with Bright Horizons.

  • 65% say the days of needing a traditional college degree to get a good job are over.
  • 77% believe other forms of education like certifications and online courses offer more “bang for your buck” than a traditional college degree.
  • 77% of workers say they want to develop new skills or pursue additional education.
  • 76% plan to continue building career skills in their free time.
  • 48% would prefer to forego the typical education-to-career path, opting to enter the job market in a less advanced job and then receive an employer-sponsored education later.



Some hiring managers are feeling pressure to meet DEI requirements and still struggling with hidden biases and too-small talent pools, according to our Harris Poll research with Express Employment Professionals.

  • Hiring managers say they first prioritize people younger than 30 (70%) and those who identify as female (66%), followed by military veterans (59%) and people with disabilities (53%).
  • Less than half prioritize hiring those who identify as LGBTQ+ (48%) and Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) (44%).
  • 56% of hiring managers say they feel pressured to place DEI hiring requirements above hiring the best candidate.



Don’t waste your time making three of the most hated Thanksgiving side dishes, according to our Harris Poll survey with Instacart.

  • 27% of Americans absolutely hate candied yams.
  • 25% dislike green bean casserole.
  • 24% dislike cranberry sauce.
  • 21% dislike sweet potato casserole.
  • What do we like? 44% want white-meat turkey (versus 20% dark meat), 68% prefer canned cranberry sauce to remain in the shape of the can (versus 27% who want it mashed up), and 39% believe adding marshmallows makes sweet-potato dishes taste better.



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