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Hispanic Heritage Month Gallery: The Diablitos from Stagwell's Nolan Mendoza


Nolan Mendoza
Stagwell Jr. Designer 

This Hispanic Heritage Month, Stagwell is collaborating with creatives across its global network to curate artwork that reflects their cultural heritage. Our series continues with a contribution from Stagwell Jr. Designer Nolan Mendoza called “The Diablitos.”

“Growing up in a mixed Mexican American household, tradition and art shaped my early interests for design. There is something unique and proud about Mexican style, which fuses bright colors and humanist shapes. Everything is designed by hand. And the art is often heavily influenced by Catholicism. I’ve carried all of those techniques and styles into my own personal work today. The Diablitos is an ongoing personal project born of processing Catholic guilt and being queer while trying to balance and maintain my relationship with a higher power. Each piece is hand-carved from linoleum and printed with ink, displaying its own unique and original marks and qualities.”


Nolan joined Stagwell in 2021 to help transform its visual identity. Prior to Stagwell, Nolan worked as a designer at Gibson & Dehn and as a model represented by Wilhelmina, where he walked New York Fashion Week.

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