It’s unmistakable that artificial intelligence will be one of the most talked about trends in marketing in 2023. There’s a lot of buzz, hype, and predictions afoot about what it can and can’t do for advertising. Will we see AI replace artists? Is automation all it’s good for? And what debates do marketing leaders need to track as the technology evolves? 

Doctor wearing a VR headset.

Dear A.I.

WE are on the cusp of another technological revolution and the normalization of A.i. in our daily lives will no doubt change everything. But, do we need to fix the internet before we welcome A.I? In order to understand the technology’s full potential, reflection, curiosity, and experimentation are essential.

Justin Lewis

Chair, Constellation

In a conversation with ChatGPT, Justin looks back on the boom of the internet and considers learnings from building web2 that will help shape our future with web3.  


Stagwell’s Creative Leaders Weigh In: Will AI Transform Marketing?

We asked some of the top minds across Stagwell, including leaders from the Stagwell Marketing Cloud, PRophet, Code and Theory, Colle McVoy, Yamamoto, Concentric Health Experience, and Vitro, to share their predictions and insights on the future of A.I. in marketing.

Why Generative A.I. Will Make 2023 The Year of the Communications Engineer

As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, PR professionals and teams must either adapt or risk being left behind, writes PRophet founder and CEO Aaron Kwittken.

Why Rely On People When You Can Use A Super Smart Bot?

MMI’s VP of Research and Insights B Lallane on the splashy debut of ChatGPT, the most recent iteration of OpenAi’s large language model, and the – nearly – endless range of applications it can make available to writers, project managers, chefs, health enthusiasts, and on and on. 

Before AI Regulation Arrives, do this

Regulation will. happen slowly and the first A.I. laws on content, privacy, and job displacement will certainly have unintended consequences. For comparison’s sake, seatbelt regulations took decades to make. Allison+Partners shares what company leaders can do today. 

Can Picasso Live in the Machine?

We’ve quickly seen AI evolve from basic communication and assistance on tasks to understanding your routine, predicting your behavior, and getting you a C+ on your English paper. OpenAI and other consumer-friendly tools will power an AI-knowledge revolution in 2023. But while AI is great for providing creative activation energy and can get you 85% of the way there, the last 15% requires the near-impossible-to-duplicate human element.    

Mark Penn

Chairman & CEO

Doctor wearing a VR headset.

The Well: Stagwell’s Content Studio

Modern Brand Leaders on the Year Ahead for A.I. 

Qualcomm CMO Don MacGuire and FastCo Tech Editor Harry McCracken

Stagwell’s Mark Penn and Axios’ Sara Fisher

Neda Whitney, SVP, Head of Marketing, Americas, Christie’s

Nine in ten PR pros say AI could be transformative for the industry: PRophet, Harris Poll

However, respondents also said they do not know enough about the technology.


MMI Agency’s Adrienne Adair on the AI-powered advances happening in creative software that put time back in the hands of creative professionals.


For many people, ChatGPT provides the first glimpse into what this type of AI will do for us in the future. It is both amazing and terrifying. And the revolution starts today.  Allison+Partners SVP, Technology Content, Rafe Needleman shares what to know to get started.

Looking to the Future: Does ChatGBT Have a Role in Marketing?

Associate Strategy Director for Europe, Tim Hawes, breaks down generative AI and gathers insights from teams at Assembly on ChatGPT and its applications.

A.I. in the World

Stagwell Marketing Cloud’s PRophet, the only predictive AI-driven PR Platform 

PRophet and Ragan Partner for “The Promise and Perils of ChatGPT for PR Pros” Webinar

PRophet Partners with Paul Allen AI Institute’s Yoodli to Bring AI Speech Coaching and Media Training to the PR Industry

Inc: How A.I. in PRophet Can Help You Craft the Pefcect Media Pitch



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