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The Well: AI and the Age of Anticipation

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Whether you’re a financial, automotive, healthcare, hospitality brand, or somewhere in between, artificial intelligence will transform your consumer experience over the next 12-18 months, and at Stagwell, we’re working hard with our partners to shape that exciting future.

One big idea for the fall: the past decade of marketing was about the race to perfect personalization, using digital tools for smarter targeting to send the right message to the right person at the right time. Now, AI is ushering in the “Age of Anticipation.” According to Dan Gardner, Chairman of Stagwell’s digital transformation network Code and Theory, holistic AI-based enterprise transformation is about making every facet of your business anticipate consumer needs, discover growth opportunities and efficiencies, and pave the way for innovation. 

In this edition of the Well, hear from Dan and marketing transformers at Mastercard, Klarna, and Stagwell’s Constellation network, about what comes next – and how to reorient your business to win in the next age of the internet. 

— Beth Sidhu, Chief Brand and Communications Officer

Code and Theory’s Dan Gardner on “The Age of Anticipation” 

In an exclusive interview with FINTECH.TV, Dan Gardner delves into how AI is revolutionizing creativity. Stream the interview to discover how Code and Theory is collaborating with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to build innovative use cases for GenAI across financial, automotive, hospitality, and retail industries.

Klarna CMO Talks ChatGPT Partnership and “Smooth Shopping”

Klarna, known for its bold experimentation, partnered with ChatGPT to bring “smooth shopping” recommendations to consumers, powered by conversational AI. In a candid conversation, David Sandstrom, CMO at Klarna, shares insights into the implementation of this partnership and how it’s poised to enhance the online shopping experience through GenAI. Stream here.

Mastercard’s Raja Rajamannar on the “Fifth Paradigm of Marketing”

Mastercard’s CMO Raja Rajamannar sheds light on the “5th Paradigm of Marketing” which is all about the convergence of over 20 technologies like AI, AR, blockchain, wearables, and more on the consumer experience. Hear from Raja and Constellation Network Chair Justin Lewis about how to harness this paradigm for future digital success. 

10 Mini-Revolutions AI Will Bring to Marketing

Right now, we’re building the runway at Stagwell for AI-based digital transformation to enhance brand-customer interactions, make marketers and communications professionals more efficient in their jobs, and deliver personalized entertainment experiences. Read Stagwell Chairman and CEO Mark Penn’s roadmap for AI transformation sweeping marketing, originally published in Forbes.



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