WHAT THE DATA SAY: The doctors will see you now - but 63% are burned out

By: Ray Day


Ray Day 

We wanted to share our latest consumer and business insights, based on research from Stagwell. Among the highlights of our weekly consumer sentiment tracking:


Today, 85% of Americans are concerned about the economy and inflation – down 2 points from last week and up from 82% in December.

  • 82% worry about U.S. crime rates (up 2 points)
  • 81% a potential U.S. recession (up 1 point)
  • 73% political divisiveness (no change)
  • 72% the War on Ukraine (no change)
  • 69% affording their living expenses (up 1 point)
  • 55% a new COVID-19 variant (no change)
  • 43% about losing their jobs (down 3 points)


With all the buzz about generative AI, AI-powered search engines and ChatGPT, what do consumers have to say? Stagwell’s National Research Group took the pulse of public opinion in a new report

  • 17% of those surveyed said they had heard a “great deal” about AI-powered search recently, and 53% had heard at least “some.”
  • 92% of consumers who have heard about AI-powered search say they think it will change the way people use the internet.
  • 71% say they’re excited about using the technology.
  • 59% of those who have heard about AI-powered search say Google is best positioned to successfully deliver the technology to market versus 13% who would vote for Microsoft.
  • Also see Stagwell’s whitepaper: “Can Picasso Live in the Machine? AI get smart: What to know, what to watch and what to play with


Our latest survey with Norton finds many Americans – especially younger ones – are reckless online after breakups, including sharing passwords with their exes and not treating online stalking with concern.

  • 25% of Americans admitted to being the victim of an online dating or romance scam.
  • Gen Z (34%) and Millennials (35%) have “concerningly relaxed” attitudes about online stalking. One third say they don’t care if they’re being stalked online by a current or former partner as long as they’re not tracked in person – three times higher than older adults (10%).
  • More than a third of Gen Z say they have shared passwords with an ex.
  • Among those who have been in romantic relationships, 16% say that they’ve checked a current or former significant other’s phone to view texts, calls, direct messages, emails or photos, 12% have reviewed their former partner’s device search history, and 11% have tracked a current or former partner’s location using a location sharing app.


America’s healthcare workforce is under unprecedented strain, and doctors and nurses are burning out in record numbers, according to our survey with HealthDay.

  • 63% of doctors and nurses said they are experiencing a moderate or great deal of burnout at work.
  • 66% of physicians and 75% of nurses cite understaffing as the most significant contributor to burnout, along with a growing amount of daily paperwork (58% for physicians and 51% for nurses).
  • Many also cite time communicating with insurance companies on their patients’ behalf as a source of burnout (38% for primary care physicians and 20% for nurses).
  • All of this is leading to decreased satisfaction among medical professionals. A year ago, 40% of physicians felt highly satisfied. Today, it’s 22%.
  • As a result, only 57% of doctors say they would choose medicine as a profession again, compared with 72% last year.


An overwhelming share (84%) of Americans who sold a home for the first time in the past two years wish they had done something differently, according to our survey with Zillow.

  • Regret #1: The most common thing recent first-time home sellers wish they had done differently is set a higher list price (39%). In January, nearly one in four listings had a price cut (22%), which is 10 percentage points higher than last winter. 75% of agents say pricing is the most important thing sellers need to get right in a less frenzied housing market.
  • Regret #2: 87% of recent first-time sellers think something they could have done would have attracted a higher sale price. 39% say better listing photos could have boosted their bottom line, while 25% say a virtual tour could have helped sell their home for more. Fact: Listings that include a 3D home virtual tour or an interactive floor plan receive 69% more page views and 80% more saves.
  • Regret #3: 25% of recent first-time sellers wish they had listed their home at a different time. If the owner has flexibility, the second half of April is the optimal time to list a home for sale nationwide.
  • Regret #4: 25% of recent first-time sellers say they could have received a higher sale price if they had invested in more home improvements and repairs. Landscaping, interior painting and carpet cleaning are the most commonly completed seller projects, as they send a signal to a buyer that a home is well-maintained.

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