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The Harris Poll Announces Sponsorship of the 20th Anniversary Pharma PR & Communications Summit

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The Stagwell (STGW) agency will share guidance for communicators during the 2024 election cycle

NEW YORKJune 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Harris Poll is once again sponsoring the Fierce Pharma PR & Communications Summit, the premier event dedicated to providing life science communicators with industry updates and best practices for successful communications strategies during today’s complex healthcare environment. The summit will be held July 8 and 9, 2024 in Jersey City, NJ. 

Michele Salomon, Vice President, The Harris Poll, will participate in a panel on July 8 providing guidance for communicators during the 2024 election cycle, one in which communicators face unprecedented challenges and opportunities in a landscape marked by political discourse. Featuring additional experts from Boehringer Ingelheim, National Pharmaceutical Council, Teva, and Weber Shandwick, the panel is tailored to equip industry professionals with essential insights on navigating the complexities of the ongoing campaign rhetoric and its impact on pharmaceuticals and biotech.

Salomon will share a variety of research from The Harris Poll to help communicators understand public sentiment as it relates to when, how, and why companies should address the election cycle.

“We see so much data about how the public is feeling and it’s not always clear they feel they are being listened to,” said Salomon. “The public is tired and scared, uncertain about many things on both a personal and political level, find the news stressful, and are unsure if they can talk about issues that matter to them.”

This environment is mirrored for companies and organizations, though the stakes are different. “Rather than putting a friend or family relationship in jeopardy if we speak up, companies risk their reputation, offending their customers, investors and other stakeholders. Our data helps explain the broader context while also providing specific guidance that communicators can put into practice,” says Salomon.

The panel will explore:

  • Strategies for responding to the growing political discourse and navigating the delicate balance between corporate communication and political influence
  • Actionable insights on building a proactive communication plan that anticipates and addresses the industry’s evolving landscape during the election season
  • How the industry is perceived in the context of political influence and lobbying and understand the implications
  • Crisis communication strategies tailored to address challenges specific to the election cycle, ensuring preparedness for potential reputational risks

The Harris Poll boasts decades of experience across the spectrum of health insurance companies, pharmaceutical/biotech/medical device companies, medical associations, nonprofit organizations, health and wellness companies and academia.

About The Harris Poll
The Harris Poll is a global consulting and market research firm that strives to reveal the authentic values of modern society to inspire leaders to create a better tomorrow. It works with clients in three primary areas: building twenty-first-century corporate reputation, crafting brand strategy and performance tracking, and earning organic media through public relations research. One of the longest-running surveys in the U.S., The Harris Poll has tracked public opinion, motivations and social sentiment since 1963, part of Stagwell, the challenger holding company built to transform marketing. To learn more, please visit

Michele Salomon



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