Artwork By:

JP Lopez
Creative Director,
MMI Agency

This Hispanic Heritage Month, Stagwell is working with creatives across the group to share artwork or content that reflects their cultural heritage. Our series continues this week with a contribution from MMI Agency Creative Director JP Lopez. JP has been with the modern brand lab for seven years. Prior to that, he worked as a freelance Creative Director for restart graphics, providing branding solutions for start-ups and established brands alike. JP contributed a self-portrait for this month’s gallery. He shares his inspiration below:

 “As a first-generation Mexican American with roots in northern Mexico and western Texas dating back a couple of centuries. I feel a strong sense of pride in my heritage because we are warm, inviting, and enduring. These virtues are what influence my work ethic and personal life. I began drawing digitally a few years ago to challenge myself to go more analog and get away from perfect vector designs, and to embrace the imperfections in my own art. This portrait is inspired by my many travels to Mexico where I have reconnected with the land, the people, and my culture.”

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Interested in submitting art for this series? Reach out to Brandon Dixon.

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