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Stagwell's PRophet Announces Exclusive Partnership with PeakMetrics

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NEW YORK, Oct. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — PRophet, a Stagwell (NASDAQ: STGW) company and the first-ever AI-driven SaaS platform to help predict earned media interest, sentiment, and spread, announced today an exclusive partnership with PeakMetrics, the leading machine-learning powered media monitoring, and narrative analytics platform.


The partnership will substantially increase PRophet’s access to verified journalists from high authority media outlets in the U.S. and for the first time expand PRophet’s reach into the UK, Europe, LatAm and Asia. By tapping into PeakMetrics’ AI-driven analytics capabilities, PRophet users will be able to access the PeakMetrics platform and measure the success of their PR efforts.

“Together, PeakMetrics and PRophet are bringing unmatched data-driven media relations insights and capabilities to brands and agencies alike,” said Aaron Kwittken, founder and CEO of PRophet.  “PeakMetrics’ global database of verified journalists and high authority outlets, access to up-to-date contact information and media monitoring paired with PRophet’s predictive analytics capabilities enables PRophet users to achieve all of their PR goals within a single solution– eliminating the need to access old-school analog media databases and monitoring services that still live in a linear world.”



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