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PRophet 2.0 Takes On Old School Media Database Companies

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PRophet 2.0 dramatically expands journalist targets to include seven countries, gives users access to the world’s most comprehensive podcast database, verified contact information and email plug-ins.

NEW YORK, NY (December 13, 2021) – Following a successful inaugural year helping brands and agencies activate smarter, data-driven earned media campaigns, Stagwell’s (NASDAQ: STGW) PRophet launched the second generation of its state-of-the-art predictive earned media platform today, a boosted version of its software that promises to displace the capabilities of the PR’s industry’s analog media database competitors.

This next-generation version of PRophet, the first-ever A.I.-driven data-as-a-service (DaaS) platform that predicts earned media interest, sentiment and spread before a story is pitched, integrates the capabilities of partner platforms PeakMetrics and Podchaser to create a far more expansive, robust experience for brands and agencies to target and successfully pitch journalists around the world.

Today’s PRophet 2.0 launch provides users with immediate access to:

  • An expanded media database featuring contact information of more than 100,000 verified journalists across the U.S., U.K. and parts of Europe, Latin America and Asia. Instead of blindly downloading random media lists of journalists you think may cover your story, PRophet will surface journalist targets in real time who are most likely to be interested in your pitch. These journalists actively write and work for high authority outlets.
  • PRophet’s unconventional business model providing customers with unlimited platform usage and an infinite number of authorized users for brands and their agencies, creating a refreshingly transparent and equitable partnership. The second-generation solution also ensures that customer data (pitches) remain in their native working environment (email system) and not housed and mined in the platform or outside of the United States.
  • PeakMetrics, an A.I.-driven analytics platform supporting measurement of key PR efforts through its advanced media monitoring and intelligence tools.
  • Podchaser’s robust database of millions of podcasts featuring data such as audience reach, creator and guest credits, detailed metadata and more.
  • A new and enhanced PRophet customer experience offering users an intuitive experience and an in-depth guide to the platform.

“PRophet 2.0 is a game-changer for our industry, migrating our software platform from being an additive budgetary spend for brands and agencies to a complete replacement of dinosaur legacy systems. Our industry will no longer have to settle for overpriced, analog media database providers,” said Aaron Kwittken, founder and CEO of PRophet. “This should not be a winner-take-all industry. Brands and agencies want the best point solutions that make them more performative. Together with PeakMetrics and Podchaser, PRophet’s DaaS platform will enable companies to augment their junior staffing shortages while at the same time working more creatively and intelligently. PRophet 2.0 replaces time-consuming grunt work and research, freeing teams to focus on higher-value tasks that lead to more successful corporate and consumer earned media campaigns.”

The PeakMetrics and Podchaser integrations advance PRophet’s original vision to bring never-before-experienced value to every layer of the public relations ecosystem. The PRophet 2.0 synergies generate improved intelligence for internal strategy development, enabling smarter and more efficient PR performance by its users and supporting creation of more relevant and successful pitches. Further, additional improvements and expansions of the PRophet platform are expected in 2022.

“We spent the first year of PRophet learning what our customers want, and what they want is a more sophisticated way of surfacing the right media contact, at the right time, using advanced technology,” said Andrew Meranus, Executive Vice President of Revenue for PRophet. “PRophet 2.0 enables our customers, including those at smaller companies and agencies with more limited resources, to work more strategically and efficiently to garner the earned media they want and deserve.”

Agency and brand representatives can contact PRophet at for a demonstration of the platform’s capabilities and request a complimentary trial. For more information on PRophet, visit

About PRophet
PRophet is the first-ever A.I.-driven data-as-a-service (DaaS) platform designed by and for the PR community that samples past stories to better predict future media interest, sentiment, and spread through natural language processing and machine learning. PRophet is owned by Stagwell Inc., and was founded by marketing industry thought leader and entrepreneur Aaron Kwittken alongside former political strategist, technologist, and author Mark Penn, Chairman and CEO of Stagwell Inc. To learn more, visit

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