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For us, it’s not enough to simply drive results for clients — but also to share feedback, develop best practices and build on our successes together. In doing so, we can help businesses develop highly effective campaigns that communicate their unique value at every stage of the marketing process.

Transforming marketing isn’t just our mission, it’s our roadmap for the future. As the industry changes, we must continually rethink the old marketing model and refine new solutions that deliver a lasting impact.




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Our industry has been dominated for decades by four firms that haven’t evolved fast enough to adapt to the times. We are the challenger holding company transforming marketing.


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We believe that unrivaled creativity plus data-driven connectivity drives unmistakable effectiveness.


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Our award-winning, world-class talent builds solutions that are agile, technology-first and outcome-obsessed.

Augmented Reality, Data, Marketing Frontiers
February 3, 2023
WHAT THE DATA SAY: While ChatGPT is the rage, Americans don’t trust new AI tools
In the News
February 2, 2023
AdAge – The Outsider: Mark Penn on Building Stagwell
Ad Age profiles Mark Penn on building Stagwell, his political…
Data, Thought Leadership
January 31, 2023
Big Tech’s Free Ride Is Coming to an End
Artificial Intelligence, Marketing Frontiers, Tech, Thought Leadership
January 27, 2023
Five Things to Know About ChatGPT
For many people, ChatGPT provides the first glimpse into what…
Artificial Intelligence, In the News, Marketing Frontiers
January 25, 2023
Why Generative A.I. Will Make 2023 The Year of the Communications Engineer
As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, PR professionals and teams…
Artificial Intelligence, Marketing Frontiers, Tech, Thought Leadership
January 25, 2023
Stagwell Experts Weigh In: Will A.I. Transform Marketing?
We asked some of the top minds across Stagwell, including…
Augmented Reality, CES, Tech, Thought Leadership
January 25, 2023
The Tech Powering New Sports Marketing Opportunities in 2023
We met with brand leaders on the ground at CES…

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Bud Light has gone from bromance to romance in its Super Bowl spot: https://adage.com/article/special-report-super-bowl/bud-light-romantic-super-bowl-ad-stars-miles-and-keleigh-teller/2467116

“My Humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.” - Desmond Tutu

We celebrate the invaluable contributions of Black people and how they have shaped the world. #BlackHistory isn’t a separate history, it's American history.

#Design has come a long way, from just a pencil and paper as a small practice inside big companies to design-driven companies with a design-first approach and #designthinking at each step. What do you think will be the biggest change in the field in 2025? http://ow.ly/9xI950MEHrJ

👏👏 Must-read feature in @The Drum on the transformation underway at @ForsBodenfors from @sammbradley: https://bit.ly/3RoUeXV #TransformingMarketing

The next era of industrial transformation will impact all sectors and reshape how we operate, interact, and consume. Businesses need to go through digital and sustainable transformations in parallel. http://ow.ly/PYzR50MEKRl

Few topics have attracted as much attention and controversy as #AI
These are the pros and cons of using #algorithms to improve workplace fairness: http://ow.ly/t77y50MEJz2

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