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Meet the New Class of Female Leaders: Lisa Chu, Co-CEO at Team Epiphany

Lisa Chu is a member of the New Class of Female Leaders, a series we’ve launched to celebrate the talent and leadership of female CEOs who are new to the network (or new to their roles) here at Stagwell.

Learn more about Lisa and who guides her in business, and what she’d be up to in another life.

Q: What or who guides you in business?

A: Coltrane and I were both raised by fathers who owned their own businesses. My father showed me that it’s possible to run a successful business while also raising and being fully present for a family. Coltrane and I have two children (Ellington age 12 and Count age 5), and family is at the heart of everything we do. We hope to pass that entrepreneurial spirit and the belief that you can create your own spaces and opportunities. I’m grateful to my father for a lot of things, but especially for showing me that this is possible.

Q: In another life, I’d be:

A: Renovating and flipping houses while hosting my own show on HGTV! 

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