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Meet the New Class of Female Leaders at Stagwell

Stagwell kicks off new series spotlighting the newest female CEOs in the network.


As Women’s History Month – or what many are now calling Women’s Empowerment Month – reminds us of the invaluable contributions made by women in and out of the workplace, we’re spotlighting the female CEOs who are new to the network (or new to their roles!), to celebrate the talent and leadership they bring to our community.

Join us in celebrating the inaugural Stagwell Class of 2024: Liz Castelli, Co-founder and CEO, Tinsel; Sarah Mehler, Co-founder and CEO, Left Field Labs; Elspeth Rollert, CEO, Stagwell Marketing Cloud; Lisa Chu, Co-CEO, Team Epiphany; and Laurel Burton, CEO, Instrument.

Follow along on Stagwell’s website and LinkedIn as we highlight their invaluable business insights and fun facts about themselves!



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