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Zoom Launches Global Campaign by 72andSunny to go Beyond the Video Grid


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Rebranding effort is first work by 72andSunny for Zoom, with VaynerMedia handling global media push

Zoom is launching a new visual identity with help from a new agency, Stagwell Group’s 72andSunny, as the brand looks to go from ubiquitous video app to full-fledged business communications and collaboration platform.

The campaign, which launched Sept. 12, is the first for the brand from 72andSunny, which is working on a project basis. It will be running across digital, out-of-home (including Times Square), social media and streaming services in North America and globally. VaynerMedia is handling the media buy.

It backs Zoom’s new visual identity and push for broader business communications relevance—including Zoom Chat, now officially re-dubbed Zoom Team Chat.

Certainly Zoom doesn’t have an awareness problem since it became woven into the cultural fabric of work during the pandemic starting more than two years ago. Just one more reminder of its status as an “essential business tool” came Thursday when a service outage hit tens of thousands of users who were suddenly deprived of their video workplace tether.  Zoom quickly restored the service.

But the new identity and creative are meant to show that Zoom is more than the video grid of co-workers that’s become an everyday virtual workspace for millions, even as more people spend more time in the office.

“Partnering with Zoom at this time of evolution is the kind of challenge we love, with the kind of partner we love,” said Carlo Cavallone, global chief creative officer of 72andSunny in a statement. “We had a very collaborative process to get to the design concept at the core of the platform. We’re excited because it’s a clear, powerful creative idea that opens a lot of new possibilities for the brand.”

The ads pile extra o’s into the Zoom name to point out that the company is also about phone, Team Chat, rooms, events, team whiteboards, contact centers and other services.

“What started as a video meeting app quickly moved into broadcast webinars, connected conference rooms, and more, and it continues to evolve and expand,” Zoom Chief Marketing Officer Janine Pelosi said in a blog post.

A big part of the new branding is to focus on the Zoom Team Chat collaboration and messaging hub as the company looks to broaden its involvement in a work tool space where Slack, Microsoft Teams and Miro, among others, compete.

“We’ve already made significant investments in Zoom Team Chat’s capabilities, and we’ll unveil even more enhancements later this month,” Pelosi said.




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