Drenik: In your own words, what is the future of digital design?

Toshniwal: The future of digital design is all about that Silicon-Valley mindset of following the change, not the plan and pivoting quickly. Businesses will need to continue to pivot fast in order to acquire and sustain new consumers in today’s climate. Additionally, businesses also need to be able to utilize digital design to anticipate consumers’ needs and focus on how they can preemptively improve their lives rather than simply react to customer service requests about websites or app experiences.

Drenik: Are there one or two digital experiences you’ve worked on that demonstrate YML’s unique, tech-driven mindset?

Toshniwal: Our work with Safeway allowed us to create an easy online shopping experience for consumers at a time when the vast majority of people were still going to physical grocery stores on a regular basis. Not only did that prove incredibly valuable with the pandemic but it also showed consumers that there’s an easier, less time-consuming way for them to complete routine activities like grocery shopping. Another experience we’re incredibly proud of is the telehealth system we helped design and build for one of America’s leading health care providers and not-for-profit health plans. The system we helped build allowed patients a seamless transition to virtual healthcare at a time when going to physical hospitals and doctor’s offices came with risks.

Drenik: Which e-commerce trends are YML particularly excited about for 2022?

Toshniwal: In a Metaverse world where the online identities of people have surpassed physical identities, we’re incredibly excited about NFT’s and how they will define wealth, status, and value. We’re also excited about Web 3.0 and how that will impact the digital design landscape.

Drenik: Thank you, Ashish, for teaching us about YML’s unique Silicon-Valley mindset and discussing the future of digital design and e-commerce. It was great to learn more about the company and the incredible digital experiences you’ve created for a variety of businesses.