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 We’re taking our mission to transform marketing and consumer experiences to Austin in 2023 for SXSW – and pleased to have five agency sessions up for consideration in this year’s Panel Picker from 72andSunny, Colle McVoy, National Research Group, Observatory, YML. From building more equitable communities to cutting-edge conversations with the transformers evolving the digital health ecosystem, the network’s sessions this year are all about when culture-moving creativity meets digital transformation. Read on to learn about the conversations on the voting bloc – and then click through to each session to cast your vote.

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Comms & Creative in Color: Inclusion, Unlocked



Diversifying representation is a business imperative in marketing/communications and advertising industries. But for the creative world which shapes & influences the global culture agenda, this is more than business: it’s a non-negotiable future. Both agencies and in-house teams of the industry must evolve from talking about the “why” of this problem to actively creating and carrying out intentional, impactful and sustainable solutions. With a warm, intimate panel of industry titans, we’ll uncover challenges and unlock proven insights and strategies on what it takes to attract, retain and advance Black talent in the communications and creative industries–with values of community at the center. Attendees are invited into dialogue alongside the panel of industry leaders–all are welcome!

A Blueprint for Creating Equitable Communities

Colle McVoy


The urgency to create equitable communities where all people thrive continues, but most solutions have been slow to bring change. Especially in Minneapolis, which has one of the largest racial wealth gaps in the nation. But a pioneering movement in the city is building a vibrant community that supports business development, celebrates culture and nurtures belonging so Black people can thrive. Hear how this unique approach, fueled by creative, corporate and civic partners, is expected to transform Minneapolis’ reputation while providing a powerful blueprint for change across the country.

The Future of Deaf Representation in Entertainment 

National Research Group


The popularity of the film “CODA” sparked a new conversation about representation of the Deaf community in entertainment – authenticity on screen, inclusivity among writers, producers, and actors, and accessibility within the industry at large. Deaf West Theatre, the most prominent nonprofit organization focusing on Deaf-centered storytelling, has partnered with National Research Group, a global insights and strategy firm, to find out how those in the Deaf community really feel about the current state of representation and accessibility in entertainment. This session will highlight findings from an in-depth research study; feature video from a roundtable of prominent Deaf actors, directors, writers, and more; and provide insights on how to move forward to build a more inclusive industry.

Snoop, Martha, and the New Blend of Wine Consumers 



Wine has a reputation for needing a mature palate to fully appreciate. But why, with older millennials turning 40, is wine’s popularity continuing to decline? How does the wine industry compete with spirits, craft beer and hard seltzers to reach a diverse and younger (over 21) audience? By partnering with pop culture icons Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart and leaning into trendier blends, 19 Crimes has reinvented the wine industry’s appeal to younger consumers. Snoop’s Cali Red achieved the number one single selling wine in pacesetter history and is bringing new consumers at an unparalleled rate. Join 19 Crimes, Observatory, and Snoop Dogg’s agent, Nick Adler, as they discuss how to attract new consumers despite radically changing consumers attitudes toward alcohol preferences.


Chief Digital Officers Transforming Health Care



Chief Digital Officers are responsible for increasing their team’s speed and agility, making an impact quickly, and shipping products more frequently. Does any of that scream health care to you? Well — maybe not historically, but this new crop of CDOs are changing the game. Hear from Rita Khan, CDO at Mayo Clinic, Prat Vemana, CDO at Kaiser Permanente, and Chris Waugh, Chief Innovation Officer at Sutter Health — all of whom are building the digital health experiences of more than 25M Americans. Interviewed by Ashish Toshniwal, Founder and CEO at YML, hear how these CDOs are shaping the future of patient-first experiences using cutting edge technology, design and product strategy.


Navigating Social Justice & Uncertainty at Work



We’re in the midst of a ‘movement moment,’ a period of rapid change punctuated by incredible hardships and economic, social and political instability. All of this can take a serious toll on employee well-being and presents organizations with a host of challenges that have no easy solution. Join agency EDI Leaders as they discuss how they’ve responded to the crises we all face and how they’ve found ways to support employees through these polarizing times.


#Cancel(Corporate)CultureCode and Theory


The standard for professionalism has been dictated by a singular perspective for decades, so it’s no surprise that agencies and brands alike are struggling to evolve the corporate culture to suit a more diverse, inclusive workforce. Join us as we discuss where companies are falling short on their DEI promises and how we can rebuild the workplace of the future.




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