Three Quick Things from AWNY 2023



We left Advertising Week New York *knowing* that AI will bring an unprecedented year of disruption to consumer experiences and brand growth. But that’s not the only trend on our minds; we spoke with marketers in NYC about everything from the unprecedented upcoming election cycle to what they’re looking for in new agency models. Read on for our recap of the three quick things to know after AWNY 2023 and follow Stagwell on LinkedIn for more takeaways from our panels this week. 

— Beth Sidhu, Chief Brand and Communications Officer

Let’s Get Real About AI

AI will enable marketing organizations to move beyond the era of personalization to anticipation, creating products and experiences for consumers that pre-empt their needs and desires.  

So What? To unlock this, brands must get their first-party data houses in order so AI can effectively overlay, and drive promised efficiencies. It’s also on agencies to find new use cases for how AI can revamp brand experiences rooted in their creative toolbox. At the end of the day, we’ll have to work together to drive the message home that AI isn’t here to replace humans; it’s here to enable them to be even more innovative.  

Overheard at AWNY: “AI is to creativity what calculators were to math. It’s only going to make us better at our jobs, and in turn, better at serving consumers.”  Dan Gardner, Executive Chairman, Code and Theory  

Go Deeper: Click here to learn how AI enabled Code and Theory to help European sports betting brand Tipico disrupt the U.S. market. 

Integration Means Culture, Not Just Capes 

Everything from media channel disruption, shrinking CMO budgets, complex consumer regulations, and an ever-more-diverse consumer population means the playbook Adland runs needs, well, transformation. We strongly believe the solution is a modern integrated offering: bringing great strategy, creative, and data science leadership together to solve business problems.  

So What? Agencies will be leaning into the insight that simplicity is the source of stronger solutions in 2024. Brand leaders will benefit from streamlined partnerships – but as they chase integrated solutions, they should prioritize agencies whose cultures inherently break down the silos between capabilities rather than just going for whoever has the widest capes spread in a pitch deck.  

Overhead at AWNY: “This opportunity we have is so rare. While so many legacy names are being jumbled together, we are embracing an iconic industry brand and investing in building it back up for today.” – Brad Simms, Global CEO, Crispin Porter Bogusky on its next integrated chapter.   

Go Deeper: The new Crispin Porter Bogusky is a masterclass in integration; learn more about how four specialist, complementary agencies came together under the iconic banner from CPB North America CEO Maggie Malek

You Can’t Run From Politics in 2024

You’ve never seen an election cycle as expensive as the one unfolding in the U.S. right now – and your brand will have to care in the next 12-18 months (even if you don’t want to). A record $12B of political ad spend will flood domestic markets in the ‘24 cycle, clashing up and down the marketing calendar with tentpoles like the Super Bowl. No matter the sector, brands are facing a more competitive attention market.

So What? You will have to try harder to stand out – and be more diligent about preparing for the reality that your consumers will be using their “political brains” in the shopping aisles and on digital check-out pages, rather than their consumer brains.  

Overheard at AWNY: “Be deliberate. Whatever path you choose, don’t get backed into it. Choose a path and live up to it.”  Tyler Goldberg, Director of Political Strategy, Assembly, on the pitfalls brands face flip-flopping on issues they have spoken out on.   

Go Deeper: Get a preview of the biggest markets to watch for political media spend in 2024 in Assembly’s Election Outlook Report. 

Stay Ahead of Transformation in 2024

Finalizing your brand’s big plans for 2024? Contact Ryan Linder, Chief Growth Officer, Stagwell, to connect with experts from our 70+ global agencies who can provide solutions that turn 2023’s trends into 2024’s opportunities. 



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