The Well: LEGO, Lenovo, Minnesota Twins, and Infinite Reality on Tapping Into the Power of Brand Fandom



Brand fandom is driving the transformation of marketing. And marketers can’t move fast enough to maximize the potential of community engagement to drive long-term loyalty. Hear how leaders from LEGO, Lenovo, and Infinite Reality are using everything from immersive technologies to branded entertainment to engage with their brand fans. Catch their insights below and visit YouTube to see all of our Content Studio interviews with C-Suite leaders.

 Alexis Williams, Chief Brand Officer, NA 

LEGO: Branded Entertainment and Brand Fandom Go Hand in Hand  

LEGO Creative Director James Gregson shared his team’s playbook for using brand entertainment content like “The LEGO Movie” to drive long-term brand fandom with Rescout’s Ivan Kayser. Watch the clip.

Lenovo and Infinite Reality: What Is the Most Important Driver of Fandom?  

National Research Group’s Jay Kaufman interviews Infinite Reality CMO Hope Frank, Lenovo CMO Gerald Youngblood, NRG CMO Grady Miller and Brand Performance Network’s Shannon Pruitt after their SXSW Session “The Anatomy of a Fan.” Watch the clip

Minnesota Twins: Fan Insights Fuel Better Experiences

Technology is giving sports teams and sports marketers insights into fan behavior that they’ve never had before. Chris Iles, Sr. Director, Innovation and Growth at the Minnesota Twins, caught up with Stagwell at SXSW to chat about how teams like Twins are integrating tech innovation to reach a new generation of fans. Watch the Clip.



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