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The Well: Data + CRM + AI = Success



Our teams are still reflecting on this year’s Dreamforce, which was a window into AI’s fully integrated future. As Code and Theory Chief Technology Officer Pradeep Chelpati recaps, Salesforce delivered a vision of the future where Data + CRM + AI empowers organizations to get more out of their customer flywheel, from start to finish. At the event, Salesforce unveiled Einstein 1 – an AI-powered platform that integrates multiple layers that comprise a successful customer-facing AI experience and makes them all accessible via a simple subscription model. Looking ahead, if 2023 was about the explosion of disparate generative and analytical AI tools, 2024 will be about convergence into fully scaled solutions. Read Code and Theory’s full recap here.

In this edition of The Well, catch Instrument’s Kara Place in conversation with Salesforce’s Marc Mathieu in the Stagwell Content Studio about how to make AI-focused organizations work. Also, explore NRG’s comprehensive playbook from developing your organization’s AI strategy, and learn more about Instrument’s hand in the execution of Dreamforce this year.

— Beth Sidhu, Chief Brand and Communications Officer

Salesforce’s Marc Mathieu on Making AI Organizations Work

Integrating AI into your business is about more than just acceptance; it’s about embracing AI as a tool rather than seeing it as a threat. Marc Mathieu, Co-Founder of Salesforce Web3 Studio, sat down with Kara Place, CEO of Instrument, to discuss the relationship between humans and AI — expectations for the future, opportunities and responsibilities. Stream the interview here.  

Developing Your Agency’s AI Strategy 2023

As companies race to embrace AI, they must also tread carefully, balancing the competitive advantages that can be unlocked through this technology against growing consumer consciousness of its risks and dangers. A new report from Stagwell’s National Research Group, “The Accountable AI Playbook,” serves as an indispensable compass for business leaders across industries looking to future-proof their organizations through the power of AI. Download the report here.

Behind Instrument’s Work for Dreamforce

Instrument – a digital shop within the Stagwell network – has been a long-term partner of Salesforce for their annual conference, and this year, the team designed and developed the conference website, along with custom features for the mobile application that extend the magic of Dreamforce beyond the boundaries of the in-person event. Explore their work here and visit Instrument’s site to learn more about their approach to building connected brand experiences.

Stagwell Can Help You Lead on AI

When it comes to cutting through tech hype cycles to find long-term innovation, you want a partner with a track record of digital innovation and a healthy dose of skepticism. Reach out to Lauren Dean, VP, Strategic Growth, to connect with experts across Stagwell who are building the runway for the next 12-18 months of AI-powered digital transformation across global marketing organizations.



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