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The Well: The Immersion Imperative



Stagwell and our partners at Infinite Reality teamed up at SXSW 2023 to explore the ways that fandom, technology and consumers are converging in immersive experiences, helping bring consumers closer to the sports, entertainment, music and games they love. Hear from leaders at United Masters, Napster, AFROPUNK and more about how the consumer imperative for more immersive experiences are shaping early entertainment and commerce in the metaverse. Stream episodes from the SXSW 2023 Podcast Lounge below. 

 Alexis Williams, Chief Brand Officer, NA 

Talent in the Metaverse 

What’s next in connection, community, and commerce for avatars, athletes and artists? Hear from Tracy Benson, CEO and Founder of Obsesh, Nova Han of Nova Han Productions, and Helix Wolfson, President of Metaverse Operations at Infinite Reality. Stream the episode.

Creator Economy and the Metaverse

How are creators and platforms envisioning the future of fandom and engagement in the metaverse and other immersive realities? Maggie Malek, CEO, MMI and John Rough, SVP, Enterprise for Untied Masters, discuss. Stream the episode.

Fandom, Music, and Metaverse 

VentureBeat’s Dean Takahashi, Jonathan Vlassopulos, CEO of Napster, and Animal Concerts Executive Producer, Music, Anthony Mazzo discuss how brands can connect with artists, music, platforms and communities in the metaverse. Stream the episode.

Inclusivity in the Metaverse 

AFROPUNK founder Jocelyn Cooper and Shelby Larkin, Director, Global Partnership development at SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park discuss diverse communities can benefit from the Metaverse. Stream the episode. 



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