International Podcast Day is upon us – and after the gold rush of podcast deals, advertising partnerships, and content launches in 2022, there’s a sea of choices to sift through as you’re setting your morning playlist. We’re sharing some of our favorite podcast series from across the Stagwell network

The Harvard-Harris Poll Debrief with Mark Penn

Harris Poll chairman Mark Penn and The Hill’s Julia Manchester discuss results from the latest Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll on voters’ political beliefs. Each month Mark picks one word to best describe the state of public opinion.


Is This Thing On? – GALE

“Is This Thing On?” is a podcast from GALE, exploring marketing, life, and random thoughts with business and creative leaders from around the globe. Past guests include Chipotle CMO Chris Brandt, iHeartMedia CMO Gayle Troberman, Discovery Global CMO Patrizio Spagnoletto, and more!

Brand on Purpose with KWT Global’s Aaron Kwittken

Purpose and profit can coexist. In fact, purpose-driven businesses often find greater success when they authentically connect their brand and mission with a cause that aligns with consumer vision. Brand on Purpose is an engaging and popular podcast focused on uncovering the untold stories of entrepreneurs and senior leaders who have discovered how to serve a greater good while building or transforming major brands.

America This Week –  The Harris Poll

Each week, we surface the most important societal shifts, consumer sentiments, and marketplace trends leaders need to know to stay in lockstep with consumers’ shifting desires. Grounded in weekly polling data, ATW is hosted by NYT bestselling author John Gerzma, CEO of The Harris Poll and futurist Libby Rodney, CSO of The Harris Poll.

THE STREAM – Allison+Partners

In a world awash with hot takes and ALL CAPS TWEETS, it’s easy to get so lost in the debate that you forget what the story was in the first place. Never fear, hosts Owen Clark and Micah Baro are your guides through today’s turbulent communications landscape, combining candid interviews with experts with their own unique perspectives gleaned from a decade working across journalism, public relations, video production and corporate sales. The Stream podcast is presented by Allison+Partners – which means no ads!

STUFFED in Your Ears – Goodstuff

Listen to topical conversations from Goodstuffers and never-before shared insights from special industry guests.




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