Fall awards season is underway, and Stagwell’s network is winning big. 72andSunny, CPB London, and Observatory received a collective 18 awards and shortlists at the 2022 Gerety Awards, recognizing the best in advertising that resonates most with a female audience. Additionally, 72andSunny was named Agency of the Year, collecting in total two golds, two silver, four Bronze, and six shortlist nominations for their work with the National Football League, Call of Duty, The Flow Initiative, Adobe, and Tinder.

“We have immeasurable respect for The Gerety Awards and how aligned they are with our ambition to manifest a more just world through our people and the work we produce. We’re incredibly proud of our teams, led by our ECD’s Elaine Cox, Zach Hilder, and Lauren Smith, for the work that’s been recognised and the agency as a whole for this honour. It’s work that not only moves the needle on storytelling representation but also delivered business results for our partners, proving you don’t have to choose between the two to make an impact.”

Stagwell’s 2022 Gerety Winners include:


CPB London – Imagine

Imagine a world where gender makes no difference. That’s the premise behind CPB London’s 2022 poster and out-of-home campaign called Imagine, which was prompted after a nationwide study found that 39 percent of primary school children still think that mummies should look after babies and do all the housework while daddies should go to work.

Awarded: BRONZE Work for Good Cut (Print) 

72andSunny and PERIOD., Free the Period, No More Secrets, The Flow Initiative, Ignite, August, Off-Limits Cereal – Loopholes Cereal

On International Women’s Day 2022, 72andSunny New York launched “Loopholes,” a faux cereal brand with a month’s worth of tampons and pads inside as the prize. The campaign allowed consumers to bypass the SNAP loophole that prevents users from buying tampons solo, and put a spotlight on the fact that, in the U.S., nearly one in four people who menstruate experience period poverty – the struggle to access tampons and pads. Because these products are not eligible through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, consumers sometimes have to decide to choose food over period products.

Awarded: SILVER Communication Cut (Integrated) and BRONZE Health Cut (Integrated)

72andSunny and the National Football League – Bring Down the House

With Super Bowl LVI held just blocks from Hollywood in 2021, the NFL and 72andSunny used movie magic to end the season with an epic bring-down-the-house celebration. Through cutting-edge digital composting technology combined with a new innovative approach for the NFL, ‘Bring Down the House’ is both inclusive and emblematic of football’s expansive influence on American culture—leaning into the next generation of fans and forward-thinking technology. Featuring a young brother/sister duo (played by real-life siblings Gabriel and Kapri Ladd), the spot centers around the siblings’ experience with the NFL’s past and its present.

Awarded – GOLD Craft Cut (Animation)

72andSunny and Activision Blizzard / Call of Duty – Warzone in Paradise

Headed into Q4 2021, Call of Duty Warzone was starting to see a drop in engagement amongst younger gamers, the old map began to feel stale and folks were moving on to other games. A traditional gameplay trailer wouldn’t be enough to get players to jump back into Warzone. 72andSunny had to excite and surprise them by hijacking one of their most popular daily habits, scrolling social media. So the team seized one of their most popular forms of inspiration, travel influencers, with a compelling message to come travel to Call of Duty’s new Warzone Pacific island for free.

Awarded: GOLD Craft Cut (Visual Effects), BRONZE Communication Cut (Mobile), BRONZE Media Cut (Mobile), SHORTLIST Media Cut

72andSunny and Tinder – SWIPE NIGHT: Killer Weekend

Tinder’s Swipe Night is a groundbreaking and highly-acclaimed interactive entertainment platform designed to give Gen Z new pathways to connect through content. It paved the way for social entertainment experiences on Tinder, which have since become a popular way for members to match. In creating the second season of Swipe Night, 72andSunny set out to push the limits of ‘entertainment with purpose’—to innovate, not just iterate, in terms of the value we could bring to Tinder members. Swipe Night: Killer Weekend is a Gen-Z whodunnit that plants you in an interactive first-person video experience with a complex group of friends—when a murder occurs, everyone is a suspect (even you); your choices dictate different outcomes, clues, and plot twists.

Awarded: SILVER Entertainment Cut (Mobile) X2, SHORTLIST MOBILE EXPERIENCE CUT

72andSunny and Adobe Premiere Pro – Adobe Premiere Pro Fantastic Voyage

Adobe’s film campaign, Fantastic Voyage | Adobe Premiere Pro celebrates the limitless creative possibility of telling your story with Adobe’s editing tools. Created by 72andSunny Los Angeles, edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, and brought to life by the VFX wizards at Alt.vfx, the hero film follows a creator who uses imagination and Adobe Premiere Pro’s features to transform a night at home into an escapist adventure story. 


72andSunny and the National Football League, Football is for Everyone

When NFL Defensive end Carl Nassib became the first openly gay active player in the league in 2021, the announcement was momentous for the NFL and the sports world. For far too long, football was perceived as being played by only one type of person. But the truth is that football e is as diverse as those who love it. Simply put, football is for everyone. 72andSunny utilized that insight to drive their work but realized we couldn’t do it alone. To redefine the game to include all types of fans, coaches, and players, we needed to show our commitment to the LGBTQ+ community. So we partnered with The Trevor Project, a nonprofit that helps protect at-risk LGBTQ+ youth to elevate their efforts and highlight resources that could save people’s lives. Within four days of Carl coming out as the first active gay NFL player, the team created a simple yet powerful film that used the NFL’s platforms to drive their massive fanbase to donate to the Trevor Foundation. The film created positive change while also sending a message of inclusion and unity to players & fans

Awarded: Shortlist Work for Good Cut (Digital)

Observatory and Chipotle Mexican Grill – A Future Begins  

A decade ago, Observatory helped Chipotle launch its Cultivate Foundation into the world with a two-minute, stop-motion animated film, “Back to the Start.” A decade later, Observatory partnered with Chipotle again to tell a new story—an intergenerational tale called “A Future Begins” that picks up the “Back to the Start” story ten years later. This film tells the story of our Pa farmer passing his family farm onto his son and daughter-in-law, overcoming many challenges. To follow up Willie Nelson covering Coldplay’s “The Scientist” in the first film, this time Observatory partnered with next-generation Country superstar Kacey Musgraves to reimagine Coldplay’s “Fix You” to serve as the soundtrack for “A Future Begins.”

Awarded: GOLD Craft Cut (Animation), SILVER Entertainment Cut (Alternative), SHORTLIST Work for Good Cut



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