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Frontiers in Focus

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Tipico engaged Code and Theory to lead Bet Like You’re From Ohio, an integrated campaign to capitalize on the moment sports betting would be legalized in Ohio and bring Tipico to market. The agency utilized ChatGPT for persona development and leveraged real-time data to inspire everything it did, including creating hyperlocal messaging that helped Tipico meet 57% of its annual registration target in one month. 

Our Approach to Transformation

To earn the trust of Ohioans, Code and Theory first had to understand Ohio. What became clear fast was that Ohio has a chip on its shoulder. On a good day, Ohio is viewed by the rest of the country as average; on a bad day, as a flyover state that’s the butt of the joke. And as a sporting mecca, the sports industry just views it as a “market.” So when sportsbooks descended on the state with a universal attempt to sanitize sports betting, making it feel like it’s “for everyone,” Code and Theory ensured Tipico took a different approach. 

Faced with an extremely tight turnaround, Code and Theory tapped into AI using ChatGPT for persona development. A process that would often take weeks took their agency less than 48 hours. They created three living AI personas — Jay “The VIP Bettor,” Eric “The Ambitious Amateur,” and Josh “The Social Bettor.” These synthetic humans answered the agency’ questions, and the team leveraged this real-time data to better inform everything it did. 

The AI personas continued to mature thanks to app and website data. The outputs proved so effective in producing what Code and Theory calls “4th party data” (1st and 3rd party data + AI = 4th party data) that the agency has implemented this system for all of its work ever since. 

Our Impact

Code and Theory’s work drove 40,000+ registrations in one month (accounting for 57% of the annual 2023 target registrations goal) and 32% share of voice in Ohio for Tipico. The work has been well received, picking up awards for Best in Digital Industries – AI at the Drum Awards and a Gold in Marketing at W3. 

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