Q4 2023 An Update on Digital Innovation at Stagwell


Mark Penn, Chairman and CEO, Stagwell



Stagwell believes AI is a quantum leap for creativity and productivity, and we are organizing our offerings around the “Three E’s of AI”: enablement across operations, efficiency in marketing and engagement with customers. We have taken a number of steps in the past quarter as we look to lead the AI-based transformation of marketing services, and we are heading into 2024 with one mission: to help clients embrace this new chapter of value creation.

I’m proud to share an update on digital innovation at Stagwell over the past quarter. If you have questions about any of the below, please reach out to me to discuss. We will also be at CES in January 2024 hosting a series of conversations and experiences at the intersection of business, marketing and impactful technology; check our website for opportunities to connect.

Stagwell and Google Cloud Platform Team Up to Develop Gen AI Marketing Solutions

In a move that will accelerate our product development capabilities in the Stagwell Marketing Cloud, we have entered a unique partnership with Google Cloud to develop generative AI marketing solutions for our clients. This collaboration will accelerate our ability to identify, build and scale AI products, getting market-shifting technology in the hands of our partners faster than ever. We are united with Google in our aim to democratize access to the value large language models and gen AI tools can bring to enterprise. We will begin development immediately on solutions spanning brand campaigns, data analytics and insights, and a proprietary Stagwell LLM purpose-built for our clients. Read more in this Digiday exclusive.

Bringing Research-as-a-Service and AI-Powered Influencer Management to Clients with SMC

We launched significant enhancements to SMC’s AI-driven marketing tools in Q3, beginning with the debut of Harris Quest, a suite of integrated AI-based marketing research products including self-service polling and other “instant information” SaaS solutions. AI is an enabler for more performative business intelligence, and through HarrisQuest, we’re arming modern leaders with on-demand “research-as-a-service,” helping them keep ahead of the breakneck pace of consumer opinion. Elsewhere in the Cloud, we bolstered PRophet, our AI tool for communicators, with new influencer discovery and campaign management capabilities, as well as machine-learning based news monitoring. With PRophet, we’re quickly building a viable competitor to the integrated comms tech suites in the market today.

Adding to AI Capabilities with Left Field Labs Acquisition

Stagwell’s network grew in Q3 with the acquisition of Left Field Labs, a digital agency with expertise in AI and cutting-edge consumer experiences. Left Field Labs has built a 15-year track record of developing digital experiences never imagined before for blue-chip clients across tech, telecoms and business services, including Google, Meta, Amazon, Uber and Cisco. The agency’s major projects include helping Verizon to define and commercialize its 5G services and game engine Unity to reimagine remote entertainment with EDM music. Left Field Labs will join the Constellation Network to develop a bench of solutions integrating AI, immersive experiences and enterprise transformation. Read more about the acquisition in Ad Age.

Leading on Out-of-Home with Goodstuff and Assembly’s OVO Energy Campaign 

Outside the realm of AI, our agencies are working with clients on unique technology integrations to major brand efforts. In the digital out of home space, our media firms Goodstuff and Assembly collaborated to help OVO Energy in the U.K. launch a series of digital billboards that only appear when the National Grid is running on renewable energy. So that the billboards update data in real time, Goodstuff and Assembly established a programmatic buying technology that auto-bids when the grid is greener. The project builds on OVO’s “Power Move” platform, which rewards customers for shifting energy use to off-peak times when the grid is powered by renewables. The high-tech campaign appeared across more than 2600 screens and garnered big attention across the U.K. marketing industry. Read more in Campaign UK

Winning Awards for Digital Transformation

Finally, our digital transformation network Code and Theory, which includes Kettle and Mediacurrent, is picking up recognition after recognition for its remarkable digital experiences. In the past quarter, Code and Theory won six coveted W3 awards, recognizing the best in digital experiences, content and creativity. The awards – 3 Gold and 3 Silver – reflect client work for YETI, Tipico, Departures and the Georgia Department of Agriculture. We’re especially proud of Code’s work for YETI, “Year in Preview,” which was a first-of-its-kind interactive experience that allowed users to personalize a calendar of over 135 events spanning hunting, surfing, rodeo and other active communities. In addition to its W3 wins, the work received recognition in Fast Company’s Innovation by Design awards this year.



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