Q1 2023 An Update on Digital Innovation at Stagwell


Mark Penn, Chairman and CEO, Stagwell



When I launched Stagwell, I promised we would transform marketing with digital strategy and technology innovation, and we are off-to-the-races in 2023 building game-changing AR and AI products to do just that. From pressing our advantage as early-movers in the artificial intelligence and communications technology space, to breaking world records with our augmented reality partners, I’m proud to share an update on the digital innovation efforts underway across Stagwell.

AI is one of the most talked about trends in business in 2023. There’s a lot of buzz, hype, and predictions afoot about what it can and can’t do for advertising. We’re believers in AI as enablement technology — while it can certainly replace around 85% of marketing activity, the final 15% is powered by that intangible human element that makes creative marketing soar. 

Our teams are working to help our partners around the world absorb the promises and pitfalls of this new technology. Visit our website to hear more from our experts about this new frontier, and if you have questions about any of the below, please reach out to me to discuss. 

“Did AI Write that Press Release?” Meet Taylor, Stagwell Marketing Cloud’s New Generative AI Tool

Stagwell has officially launched the communications industry’s first free generative AI writing tool, Taylor. Fully integrated into PRophet, our AI SaaS platform, Taylor (a play on “tailored content”) will help PR professionals write press releases, story pitches, and even generate social media posts — saving untold amounts of time and resources. Read more in Fast Company.   

Taylor will be one part of Stagwell’s much more significant investment in AI. Stagwell Marketing Cloud has formalized a Comms Tech Business Unit, led by Aaron Kwittken, to provide a suite of AI-powered products and services to reinvigorate the PR field. The Comms Tech Unit will include PRophet and Koalifyed, an influencer discovery and campaign management platform, with more transformative software tools around narrative analysis, combating misinformation, and managing brand safety to come.   

Visit our website to learn more about how Stagwell is transforming marketing with AI. 

ARound and the Rams Give Los Angeles a White Christmas in Augmented Reality

ARound, our shared augmented reality product within the Stagwell Marketing Cloud, worked with the Los Angeles Rams and SoFi Stadium to give Los Angeles a White Christmas in AR – and break a world record for the largest snowball fight in the world of augmented reality. ARound launched the experience during the Rams-Broncos Christmas Day game; over 42,000 snowballs were tossed by 1,5000 participants, with an average in-game engagement time of 15 minutes per participant.  

For those of you who are new to the product, ARound uses 3D spatial computing to map large-scale venues and localize content to individual users, allowing attendees to see the same real-time 3D effects and participate in the same shared experiences. This is a new, connected marketing medium, enabling brands to reach fans at scale with stadium-wide AR games, contests, effects, and a remote experience amplifying the energy and excitement of game days. 

Hear from Founder Josh Beatty on what brands and fans can expect from ARound Season 2 here.

Using Technology to Fuel Specialty Media Innovation

At CES 2023 in January, Stagwell was the only global marketing services network to exhibit on the main convention floor as we focused on showing how we transform marketing through impactful technology. There, we unveiled an exciting new division in the Stagwell Marketing Cloud to build Specialty Media formats that offer brands novel ways to reach, engage, and monetize key consumer segments across sports, travel, retail, news, and dining. The unit currently includes ARound, our shared AR product in use by the Los Angeles Rams; a new QR code powered marketplace for restaurants and bars; and a new travel marketplace from Ink.    

Through this tech-focused approach, we are bringing new experiences to consumers, whether at the stadium, in a restaurant, or on an airplane. Along with these experiences comes a wealth of creative marketing opportunities, adding, as Digiday reports, yet another “bow in the quiver” of the Cloud that keeps us at the forefront of new forms of richly targeted media

Transforming Marketing through Impactful Technology

Stagwell is built to transform marketing through impactful technology, helping power unmistakable business outcomes for our clients and positive change for society. 

Download our short lookbook for a window into how Stagwell’s network helps harmonize the art and science of modern marketing for results. 




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