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PRophet, AI-Powered Suite for PR and Marketing Professionals, Appoints Jason Brandt as Chief Marketing Officer

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Alex Birmingham
KWT Global

Global marketing leader to leverage vast experience spanning sales operations, product strategy, and digital marketing to drive user adoption and growth

NEW YORK, Jan. 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Stagwell Marketing Cloud’s (NASDAQ: STGW) PRophet, the first and only generative and predictive AI SaaS suite built by and for PR and marketing professionals, today announced the appointment of Jason Brandt as its Chief Marketing Officer. Brandt brings more than 30 years of industry experience building and managing digital businesses, driving innovation and scaling growth for global brands.

In his role as CMO, Brandt will be responsible for generating further awareness, adoption and growth of the PRophet Suite – consisting of the Earn, Influence, and Monitor products. It is the most comprehensive and accessible AI solution for brands and agencies alike to improve their productivity and quality of their creative output. He will also help new and existing PRophet customers unlock value from the platform to reach and engage their target audiences in innovative, compelling and resonant ways.

“I’m proud to join PRophet at this critical juncture in the company’s evolution, uniquely positioned to address the challenges that modern communicators face, and offering AI solutions that can immediately make a difference,” Brandt said. “We are really fascinated with vertical AI and helping companies work through the complexities of understanding, sizing and integrating practical AI. We feel PRophet solves that for communication teams.”

Brandt joins PRophet, the flagship product within Stagwell’s Comms Tech Unit, from his previous position as managing partner of Stagwell Technologies. Prior to Stagwell, Brandt served as the Chief Innovation Officer for the P&G Team at WPP, where he focused on integrating creative technology solutions to enhance customer experience and brand loyalty. He also served as the Chief Growth Officer at WPP company Grey Midwest, where he spearheaded growth strategies and fostering internal partnerships across Grey while delivering innovative CRM, digital, and performance marketing capabilities to global brands.

“Jason has a proven track record of innovation and strategic leadership, embodying the future-forward approach that PRophet champions. His expertise will propel us forward in our mission to revolutionize the modern communications landscape through AI-driven tools,” said Aaron Kwittken, founder and CEO of PRophet, and CEO of Stagwell Marketing Cloud, Comms Tech Unit. “With the addition of Jason to our executive team, I am confident that PRophet will continue to drive innovation, foster growth, and reshape the industry.”

About PRophet
PRophet is the first and only generative and predictive AI SaaS suite built by and for PR and marketing professionals. PRophet Earn uses a combination of AI, language processing and machine learning to generate, analyze and test content that predicts earned media interest and sentiment. PRophet Influence combines generative AI, data analytics, and monitoring technology to create personalized influencer marketing programs, while PRophet Monitor introduces the ability to create personalized alerts across a diversity of media channels from within the PRophet platform. PRophet was founded in 2020 by PR and marketing industry thought leader and entrepreneur Aaron Kwittken and is part of the Stagwell Marketing Cloud, a suite of SaaS solutions that powers research, communications, and media activation for in-house marketers. To learn more, visit

About Stagwell Marketing Cloud
Stagwell Marketing Cloud (SMC) is a marketing-focused, AI-enablement platform built for the modern marketer. Born out of Stagwell’s (NASDAQ: STGW) network of award-winning marketing agencies, SMC’s technology empowers marketers to drive business impact by giving them intuitive tools equipped with proprietary, actionable data. SMC’s portfolio of solutions powers strategic customer research, communications, and media activation for brands worldwide by leveraging technology such as generative and predictive artificial intelligence, shared augmented reality, and more. Get your head in the cloud at

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