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Lindsay Bennett  

Developed by a newly formed dedicated product team, Alchemy.Ai will rapidly transform GALE’s client offering with a suite of new products at the Stagwell (STGW) agency.

NEW YORK, March 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — GALE has revolutionized its offering with artificial intelligence at its core, ushering in a new era for the Business Agency.

Called Alchemy.Ai, GALE has created a private enterprise AI cloud platform – built from the ground up to comply with the agency’s ISO-27001 certification and developed by a dedicated product team of 50 specialists – that revolutionizes its offering for clients.

“The unveiling of Alchemy.Ai reshapes GALE as we know it, marking a massive shift in how we work and the democratization of data across all teams,” GALE CEO Brad Simms says. “When GALE was founded in 2014, we were first-to-market with our unique blend of creative and consultancy centered around data. While we’ve continued to build our model over the last decade to become one of the most celebrated agencies in North America, Alchemy.Ai is the most significant product update we’ve ever made.

“As an agency, our most important asset is our people. It’s why clients choose us. Alchemy.Ai enables our people to work smarter and faster, ultimately giving them more time to spend with clients.”

Trained on all aspects of data used at GALE, including both first-party and third-party data combined with world data, Alchemy.Ai reduces the time spent on critical tasks across all disciplines to help GALE’s almost 800 people work smarter, better and faster. In addition, it transforms agency processes by democratizing access to this information, regardless of department.

Going beyond standard generative AI functionality, Alchemy.Ai has a custom-built application layer with a bespoke UI, as well as additional capabilities for data visualization, enriched and customized algorithms, and search and discovery techniques. Team members will have access to the custom client environments built for the specific accounts they work on. The client environments serve as a one-stop shop for all the data and insights available on each particular client.

Alchemy.Ai has dedicated tools for core capabilities, including:

  • Strategy: 20% increase in efficiency for data ingestion and cleanup, fostering deeper collaboration between strategists and data scientists. This optimization allows for faster generation of high-quality business diagnostics and recommendations for clients.
  • Audience Insights: Democratizing access to GALE’s robust data environment will enable employees across all domains to query tens of thousands of variables from dozens of integrated sources within one platform using natural language. Reduced time to learn platforms, brief dedicated research teams, and await outputs will boost efficiency by 80%.
  • Media Planning: Integrating historical media performance data with media reach and consumption data will generate media plans 20% faster. Within one platform, media planners will be able to explore the relevance and weighting of channels and tactics from more angles at the same time, with the help of optimization algorithms and the ability to iterate on a range of custom constraints.
  • New Business: Leveraging a decade of archival documents to create an RFI response tool, trained on the voice of GALE’s CEO. This tool dramatically reduces the time and internal coordination necessary for new business responses from days to just 90 minutes.
  • CRM: Harnessing client data to create deeply custom audience segments and provide performance-based communications recommendations. This further elevates GALE’s best-in-class loyalty offering.
  • Operations: Simplifying administrative tasks and freeing up time, a concierge-style tool supports project delivery, timesheet tracking, and personalized responses to employee policy inquiries, such as healthcare coverage.

Lindsay Bennett  



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