Actionable Insights for Telcom, Media and Technology Leaders

HarrisX marries survey research and behavioral data to understand the attitudes and actions of today’s Connected Consumers – consumers who engage with the digital ecosystem through smartphones, PCs, wearables, smart speakers, and other connected devices.

We integrate the Tech, Media, and Telecom industries largest market intelligence trackers with technology applications and consulting services to impact all facets of an organization’s advertising, marketing, and product strategies.

HarrisX was founded in 2017, after acquiring various Telecom data assets from Nielsen. Since then, HarrisX has invested heavily to enhance these products – improving both the insights captured, as well as the technology used to deploy each tracker. HarrisX has also strategically built out its full suite of solutions, in order to become the premier research consultancy for organizations focused in the Tech, Media, and Telecom industries.