A Digital First Creative Agency

The Code and Theory Network is the digital-first creative and technology group within Stagwell, built to partner with businesses to navigate the complexity of changing consumer behaviors and emerging technologies. With a global footprint and the capabilities to work cross the entire consumer journey, we crave the hardest problems to solve. The network includes the flagship agency Code and Theory as well as Kettle, MediaCurrent, Rhythm, TrueLogic, and YML.

Case studies

Washington Commanders


Rebranding an NFL Team, Twice. A journey that resulted in the powerful, resounding team we know today: the Washington Commanders.

Case studies



ConEd tapped Code and Theory as AOR to lead an integrated, purpose-driven marketing partnership that set out to educate a multitude of audiences about its clean energy leadership, public service and incentive programs.

Case studies



With the approach of the 2018 midterm elections (which were sure to be the most watched and hotly contested in history) CNN partnered with Code and Theory to take its iconic Magic Wall to the next level.