5 Must-Watch Interviews from the Stagwell Content Studio at CES 2023




As over 100,000 people descended on Las Vegas for CES this year, Stagwell is bringing you access to some of the senior-most business leaders across marketing, electronics, food and drink, luxury, media, sports, tourism and more through our Content Studio on the convention floor. Watch some of our favorite segments from Reddit, Qualcomm, Warner Music Group, Zappos, and Axios to learn about the technology that will impact the next chapter of marketing – and what wowed top brand leaders on the convention floor. 

Reddit VP, Business Development on The Power of Community  

Reddit’s Timo Pelz joined Stagwell Chief Brand and Communications Officer Beth Sidhu to talk about insights from Reddit’s massive Future Tellers study pulling insights from Reddit’ 100K+ active communities, which unveiled on the convention floor at CES.  

Qualcomm CMO Don McGuire on How AI Will Transform Cars into Spaceships  

In the CES tech alphabet, the “A’s” have it – Qualcomm CMO Don McGuire and Stagwell Chairman and CEO Mark Penn are bullish that artificial intelligence and augmented reality are the tech to bet on in 2023. Watch their interview with Chief Growth Officer, North America, Robyn Freye. 

Zappos CMO Ginny McCormick on Moving Beyond Demographics  

“Age is just a number.” And, by Zappos CMO Ginny McCormick’s estimate, a number marketers are relying on too heavily to drive consumer segmentation. Catch her interview with Stagwell President, Global Solutions, Julia Hammond on the demographics, metrics, and buzzwords marketers need to ditch in 2023.  

Warner Music Group’s Maria Weaver on “The Three C’S”  

Connecting content, commerce, and community experiences is Warner Music Group President Maria Weaver’s big priority for 2023. Watch her interview with Stagwell Chief Brand Officer, North America, Alexis Williams to learn why you need to invest in the “three c’s”  

Mark Penn and Axios’ Sara Fischer on Where Marketing and Tech Meet Politics 

Tech is about to have a political year – but all is not bad for the digital economy, Stagwell’s CEO Mark Penn tells Axios reporter Sara Fischer in this clip from the Stagwell Content Studio at CES 2023. Catch their interview for insights on the streaming market, data regulation, and whether the U.S. will pursue a TikTok ban in 2023.  



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