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3 Quick Things from Cannes The Influencers are Growing Up



Bonjour from the south of France! Stagwell is your behind-the-scenes pass to the best of Cannes Lions. Each day, we’re sharing three quick takes on the biggest conversations at the Palais and bringing you backstage to the Speakers’ Lounge with leading marketers. Want more? Follow along on LinkedIn. 

  1. WAIT, YOU MEAN IT’S ACTUALLY AN ECONOMY? Day three sessions proved that the creator economy is actually an economy in development, not just a buzzword. The influencers are growing up. Getting serious about brand partnerships. Leveraging creator funds and programs to maximize reach. And even becoming virtual. On the Terrace, Influence 3.0 assured us a new wave of influencers have entered the chat. .
  2. THE MANY FACES OF STORYTELLING The Many Faces of Storytelling. There’s no playbook for telling the right story — but we know what needs to go right before you do. Regina Hall and Amazon’s Ukonwa Ojo showed us what happens when women lead. You have to blend great creative with fast-paced media (thank you, Ryan Reynolds). Look to the future — and, look for ways to continually deliver value.

  3. PUT THE CREATORS IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT. We’re hearing brands get more comfortable with putting creators in the driver’s seat of campaign activations. Creators should be natural extensions of the marketing team. Will we see a category at Cannes in the future for visionary influencers turned creative directors? 

Beyond the Stage

Stagwell is the official sponsor of the Cannes Lions Speakers’ Lounge, bringing you exclusive interviews with some of the most interesting people at Cannes — and the stories beyond the main stage. 

First out of the Content Studio: Our Chairman and CEO Mark Penn in conversation with Axios Media Reporter Sara Fischer. They discuss the earliest trends coming out of Cannes 2022, including an evolved consumer path to purchase coming out of the pandemic, the Disrupted vs. Disruptors, and the bargain of first-party data. 



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