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3 Quick Things from Cannes: Not Another Gen Z Meme...



Bonjour from the south of France! Stagwell is your behind-the-scenes pass to the best of Cannes Lions. Each day, we’ll send you three quick takes on the biggest conversations at the Palais and bring you backstage to the Speakers’ Lounge with leading marketers.

The topic du jour? Gen Z consumers and how brands can leverage culture to connect with them. Want more? Follow along on LinkedIn.

  1. WHEN DID MILLENNIALS BECOME UNCOOL? PAGES ARE SO 2010. Gen Z – now with the purchasing power – was the most talked-about consumer segment on Day 4. All about more purposeful brands and consumerism, this “activist generation,” as Malala Yousafzai calls them, is key to future growth. [Go Deeper: OK Zoomer – The Journey of Gen Z] 
  2. HOW DO YOU IDENTIFY? Beyond racial and gender categories, brands are finding value in consumer groups organized around multiple categories, from age to regional affiliation, eating habits, and more. We’re hearing brands push agencies to build insights and creativity from the ground up to perform better together.” [Go Deeper: CPB and Buchanan’s Celebrate the Spirit of the 200%”]
  3. MEET YOUR CUSTOMERS IN FORTNITE. An overlooked segment for many years, gamers are “the new pop culture icons.” Channeling gaming culture to scale reach and understanding that it cuts across standard demographics were key learnings for newcomers in The Forum. [Go Deeper: How can brands positively connect with video game enthusiasts?]

Beyond the Stage

Stagwell is the official sponsor of the Cannes Lions Speakers’ Lounge, bringing you exclusive interviews with some of the most interesting people at Cannes – and the stories beyond the main stage. 

Hear from Nola Weinstein, Global Head of Culture & Experiential, Twitter,  on “moving at the speed of the feed,” how Twitter approaches experiential marketing, Web3, career advice, and more.



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