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3 Quick Things from Cannes 2022: Transformers, Opportunities in Disguise



Bonjour from the south of France! Stagwell is your behind-the-scenes pass to the best of Cannes Lions. Each day, we’re sharing three quick takes on the biggest conversations at the Palais and bringing you backstage to the Speakers’ Lounge with leading marketers.  

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  1. CAN MY BRAND BE YOUR BEST FRIEND? B2B, B2C, D2C – the categories aren’t shifting but the way they connect with their key audiences are. Personalization, AI-enabled comms, and an emphasis on personifying brands to connect them with communities continue to win gold at Cannes. .
  2. TELL YOUR CLIENTS TO GO BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD. Nicely. Clients aren’t just looking for savvy ad men anymore, they’re looking for partners in transformation. We heard brands across every stage, including our partners at the N.F.L. on the Terrace tell stories of transforming their products, services, and categories to stay ahead of the new economy.
  3. NO MORE TIME FOR GREENWASHING. A through-line from stunts earlier in the week to the Greenpeace dogs-on-ladders-Croisette-close-down on Thursday: “Creativity has to commit to change the planet.” Beyond climate messaging, we’re seeing products and services evolve to drive sustainable transformation in a meaningful way.

Beyond the Stage

Stagwell is the official sponsor of the Cannes Lions Speaker’s Lounge, bringing you exclusive interviews with some of the most interesting people at Cannes – and the stories they couldn’t tell on the Main Stage. 

Hear from Jesh Sukhwani, Head of Global Advertising, Lenovo on the importance of both the push and pull of a successful advertising campaign.



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