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3 Quick Things From Cannes 2022: Product Pages Are So 2010



Bonjour from the south of France! Stagwell is your behind-the-scenes pass to the best of Cannes Lions. Each day, we’re sharing three quick takes on the biggest conversations at the festival and bringing you backstage to the Speakers’ Lounge with leading marketers. 

All across the Palais, from the Discovery stage to Snap & Gucci’s much-anticipated presentation, the buzz was all about giving e-commerce new creative digs. Want more? Follow along on LinkedIn. 

  1. PRODUCT PAGES ARE SO 2010. Product pages are so 2010. WARC spotlighted changing frontiers of e-commerce across its sessions today. The big takeaway? It’s creative + media + e-commerce as the new formula for marketing. Food for thought: How can we take e-commerce, a creatively challenging space, and fuse content, branded entertainment, influencer integrations, and more throughout? [Go Deeper: Building a Best-in-Class Marketplace for Thrive Market]
  2. E-COMMERCE HAS TO GET EXPERIENTIAL It’s clear that extended reality is nearer than the metaverse, powering strong, connected experiences for consumers, adding dimensionality to product pages, and allowing consumers to encounter not just the product but the experience it promises. Snap & Gucci wowed with their look into how AR is changing “experiential digital commerce.” [Go Deeper: Marketing Frontiers – Augmented Reality]
  3. HOW TO SELL AND NOT BE A SELLER. Pure sales messages are poor drivers of commerce. Social commerce – bringing the content-driven channel of influencer closer to the point of sale – along with branded entertainment is a plus for reaching ad-avoidant consumers, our very own Jae Goodman (two-time Entertainment Lions juror) reminded marketers today. [Go Deeper: Celebrity Drives Brand Awareness. Nano-Influencers Drive Commerce.]

Beyond the Stage

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