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3 Quick Things from Cannes 2022: Dua Lipa Isn't the Only One with New Rules



Bonjour from the south of France! Stagwell is your behind-the-scenes pass to the best of Cannes Lions. Each day, we’re sharing three quick takes on the biggest conversations at the Palais and bringing you backstage to the Speakers’ Lounge with leading marketers. Want more? Follow along on LinkedIn. 

  1. SUN’S OUT, BUDGETS OUT. We saw creative and media snuggle closer together to make the art of adland really perform on the Creative Effectiveness track. Agencies are CMOs’ best friends when they can tie the results of a headline-grabbing activation to every dollar spent. (Go Deeper: 3 Things to Know When Creating Branded Entertainment).
  2. DUA LIPA ISN’T THE ONLY ONE WITH NEW RULES. 1+1=3 – our shorthand for collaboration is key – was the talk of the day across afternoon sessions. A question everyone is asking: do asynchronous work tools help or hinder collaboration? (Go Deeper: To Make the Most out of the Audio Renaissance, Brands Need a Global Outlook)
  3. MOVE OVER INDIES, THE GLOBAL NETWORKS ARE BACK IN TOWN. Clients love coming in the front door of the splashy shops (who doesn’t want to sit with the cool kids), but they’re hoping the full host of marketing services will perform at scale once the dinner conversation really begins. New network models were the talk of the day, from the Lumiere Theater to the WSJ House. (Go Deeper: A fun (really) look at our approach to integrated services.)

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