Founded in 2001, Media Kitchen is a global full-service media planning and buying agency with offices in New York, Minneapolis, Toronto, Montréal and Stockholm. We plan and buy all forms of media including online and offline video, audio, print, out-of-home, programmatic, mobile, search and social.

In order to protect our clients’ investments and ensure we’ve delivered great performance, we’ve developed expertise helping clients build customized, modular and transparent advertising tech stacks.

Leading brands in this tech-driven, customer-centric, data-obsessed world choose Media Kitchen because they need an agency that’s digital at its core with innovative approaches to targeting, creativity and collaboration.

Media Kitchen’s success comes from its core belief that the most powerful solutions come from data-informed insights. Rather than blasting messages at uninterested, irrelevant audiences, we harvest current intent-based customer signals before working to generate new demand. We call this approach Signal Planning, and to optimize this, we customize tech stacks to help our clients mine insights and manage investments.